Is Hustling For Business As We Know It Dead?

Business development in the COVID era (Involving Star Trek, Wrecking Balls and Internet Philosophy )


The Universe of Hustling

1. The Culture of Travel

2. Zooming in on a Meeting-less World.

“People want to “do coffee” and build relationships. That’s fine early in your career, when you’re still exploring. But later in your career — when you’re exploiting, and there are more things coming at you than you have time for — you have to ruthlessly cut meetings out of your life..

3. Global Domination in a Take-away Box (And Where the Star Trek Analogy Comes In).

People don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it.”



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Pooja Sinha

A global deal lawyer running her practice from Singapore. Recently caught the lockdown writing bug. LinkedIn: